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SFAO History and Scope

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro by realizing the continuous rise in educational expenses, took the initiative and established the “Student Financial Aid Office” (SFAO) in August 2006, with the collaboration of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. The theme of the establishment of this office was to elevate the socio-economic position of the needy & deserving undergraduate students by providing access to quality education through Need-based and Merit Scholarships & Financial Assistance. The scope of the SFAO has been extended, and as per directives of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad, the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology has also established the “Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE)/ Student Advancement Fund (SEF)” with the collaboration of Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEF) Foundation, USA.

The SFAO is participating in various national and international student financial assistance programs. Thus, all Scholarships / Financial Aid Cases are routed through this Office. A centralized record of all undergraduate students getting any financial aid is kept in the SFAO.

Initially, the Office took the start in the Office of the Dean Faculty of Engineering. (Late) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Pathan, Ex-Dean Faculty of Engineering and he was assigned the Charge of Focal Person and Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali as Deputy Focal Person. A Case Analyst was also hired under the directives of HEC. After the bereavement Death of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Pathan, the responsibility of Focal Person was shifted to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Abro, Ex-Dean FEECE.

Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali (Current Vice Chancellor, MUET) was given the full-fledged Charge of Focal Person after the retirement of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Abro. Dr Amir Mahmood Soomro Joined SFAO as Deputy Focal Person in 2015 and afterwards became Focal Person SFAO in 2019. During the charge of Dr Amir, Dr Sikandar Almani Joined SFAO as Deputy Focal Person.  At present, SFAO exists in the New Admin Block of the University and working under the supervision of Dr. Sikandar Almani, as the Focal Person of SFAO.

The Primary goal of SFAO - MUET and Motto of our Worthy Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology is that “No Student shall leave the University, due to financial crisis”, keeping this on our priority SFAO-MUET besides scholarships also facilitate fresh students through financial assistance.

At the inception of SFAO-MUET, there were only three scholarships. The office with the help of management, guidance of the Focal Person SFAO and generosity of the national and international Donors / Partners, i.e. Higher Education Commission HEC, Islamabad, USAID Pakistan, USA, Prime Minister’s National ICT R&D Fund, Sindh Education Endowment Fund (SEEF), Professional Education Foundation (PEF), Karwan-E-Ilm Foundation, PEC, SEAFA, SANA, HBL, Mehran U.E.T and many others have now achieved more than 35 scholarships.


The primary objective is to provide assistance through Scholarships, Financial Assistance /Aid and Zakat, to the students who are unable to pursue their higher education due to financial barriers. To accomplish the main objective, the office also establishes the following objectives:

  • To provide financial relief to the meritorious and needy students.
  • To provide quality advising services by addressing individual student needs, responding to student inquiries in a timely manner.
  • To use effective procedures to ensure that the funds are provided to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need.
  • To comply with all prescribed rules, regulations, and policies of financial aid and scholarship programs as set by the Donor Agency and the University.

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