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Since achieving the objective of supporting the needy and meritorious students while pursuing their studies at this University needs funding, it is worth mentioning that, at the moment, SFAO directly or indirectly has valuable contributions of various national and international donors in shape of different scholarships / financial assistance programs. However, at the time of establishment in 2006, this Office had only few Donors contributions.

SFAO has dealt with Higher Education Commission Islamabad's various scholarship Programs. The HEC-Japanese and Financial Support for Meritorious Students were two big programs in a row. The University was allotted 40 numbers of slots in HEC-Japanese and 09 slots in the HEC-FSMNS. The Office and its staff have also been appreciated by HEC on the working coordination and efforts. In spite of this, HEC has also considered this University in the scholarship program titled "Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for Student of Balochistan and FATA". Due to work efficiency and transparency of SFAO, the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad has also considered the name of this University for their existing and upcoming scholarships and other financial assistance programs namely (1) "Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE) / Student Advancement Fund (SEF)" with the collaboration of Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation, USA, and (2). PAK-USAID Need & Merit Based Scholarship Program which is first time introduced for Engineering Universities after completion of Phase-I of Agriculture Universities. USAID Pakistan with the collaboration of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, has allocated 73 scholarships to the students of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.

The Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) invited various national and international donors and arranged the meetings. The Donors not only contributed through SFAO, but also increased the no. of scholarships / slots for Mehran University of Engineering & Technology. The Pakistan Engineering Congress, Lahore, started with two slots to the University and now they are awarding 08 Scholarship each year. In spite of this, as an individual Donor, Mr.Tufail Ahmed Memon and his friends who are resident of USA, supporting students through SEAFA scholarships. Mr. Tufail Ahmed Memon started the scholarship program in 2008 with few scholarships and now he has made this as regular feature for MUET and awarding 35 Scholarships every year.

The Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) was awarding 4 scholarships and directly to the students, but after detail deliberations and regular meeting with Mr. Agha Zaffar who was representing SANA, they have made responsible SFAO for finalizing the recommendations and increased the number of scholarships up to 16 every year.

The Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) has facilitated the students by services of 17 faculty members of their own departments as coordinators for SFAO to answer the queries of students at their department regarding the various scholarship programs, and assist the students during filling the application forms.

SFAO has facilitated more than 50% students through various scholarships / financial assistances Programs. Further to this, many students have also been facilitated directly by the Donor on behalf of recommendation of SFAO.

Teachers and officers are comtributing some fixed amount from their salaries to the Student Financial Aid Office on monthly basis to generate funds for the poor and deserving students of the university.

Many Trainings, Workshops, Awareness Lectures Talent Grooming Workshops have been arranged for the students of SFAO.

The Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) and its working coordination has been appreciated on various floors by different Donors. The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad. Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), Sindhi Engineers of America Professional Education foundation and many other donors have acknowledged the services of SFAO.

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